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Things that need to stay in 2016 

  If you are like me you are relieved that 2016 is felt like 5 years!Yes  its February I know but January never really feels like the beginning of a new year. Half the time we don't know what day it is and we still are writing 2016 on our dates 😩. Since its… Continue reading Things that need to stay in 2016 

LoVe your MaNe, Transitioning

Feels a lot like spring 🌺

Nothing is perfect and that's just fine.  Just like this fauxhawk I did but I loved it. Doing your own hair teaches you patience like you would never believe but it also brings the most joy especially when your hair comes out like that youtube tutorial you watched ;). 

Hair- Wiki, LoVe your MaNe, Transitioning


It was bound to happen. The natural hair movement is so strong and inspiring its hard not to catch the spirit. There is something about black women coming into their own that is uplifting. We always had to conform to certain standards to fit in.  We've always been 'too big, too dark, too much'. Im… Continue reading Transitioning…


Hairline progress

July 2016 As you guys know I had a horrific experience that ended in me losing most of my hairline.You can read more on my hairline story.  Just a quick check in on my progress and what I have been doin 1. I decided not to plait my hair. Its winter I know but decided to… Continue reading Hairline progress