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Castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil is derived from the castor plant (Ricinus communis). It is a vegetable oil so it has many diverse uses. The seeds of this plant are cold-pressed to extract the pungent oil and has a very thick consistency. Castor oil not only prevents excessive hair loss, it also helps grow stronger hair that doesn’t… Continue reading Castor oil for hair growth

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What they don’t tell you about coconut oil

Coconut oil is not for everyone You might be gasping, clutching at your pearls,  shocked confused because everyone seems to swear on coconut oil. You've seen that meme before 'Coconut oil fixes everything, rub coconut oil on your hair, your bank account, your relationship, everything' How to tell if coconut oil is not for you… Continue reading What they don’t tell you about coconut oil

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How to nail your wash day 😩

Since I started transitioning wash days have been an extreme sport. Dealing with two different hair textures is tough. My natural hair might like a product that my relaxed hair completely hates. I have to be extra gentle and patient (two things I sometimes struggle with)  Its a whole day event and the tangles hunny… Continue reading How to nail your wash day 😩

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Postpartum shedding

I love my little nugget. He reminds me of rainbows and sunshine. His smile is an instant pain relief. That being said let me tell you something about this evil called Postpartum Shedding....I didn't know how traumatizing it is till it was happening. Basically post  partum shedding happens between 3-6 months after childbirth. it is… Continue reading Postpartum shedding

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Hair care on a budget

Its no secret hair care is not cheap. The hair care industry is a multi million dollar industry so that just shows you how expensive it is. Yes we all like to splurge on nice products and hair here and there but when your bank account is bleeding how do you keep that hair looking… Continue reading Hair care on a budget

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It was bound to happen. The natural hair movement is so strong and inspiring its hard not to catch the spirit. There is something about black women coming into their own that is uplifting. We always had to conform to certain standards to fit in.  We've always been 'too big, too dark, too much'. Im… Continue reading Transitioning…