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Challenge begins!

We recently launched a 30 days Guava leaf challenge. So many people signed up!Ya’ll really want your hair to grown huh?! We are so excited because  we want people to get the most out of the challenge and we want it to be a fun and interactive experience. With that being said. We hope you have your guava leaves ready. We have compiled a few instructions to help you make the best Guava leaf concoction!

Harvesting Guava leaves


You only need the leaves. No need to take the stems. Use the darkest green leaves for the best results. Those small lighter green leaves that have just started developing wont be as effective.




Add as many leaves to the pot as you can. Add 1 litre of water to the pot and boil for 20min. Allow mixture to cool them you can transfer to dish, container or spray bottle that you will use to apply to hair.


Finished product


Your Guava leaf concoction should look like this. Like a good brew of tea.

You’re good to go

Tag us in your social media posts with the hashtag #ManetainGuavaLeafChallenge 


Stay Tuned

If you haven’t joined the revolution what are you waiting for. Sign up.  We’ll be sending you more on how to use this guava tea rinse. Have you joined the facebook group yet? Join Healthy Hair Zim and connect with others on the challenge. Like our page Manetain Organics for daily updates.


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