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30 Day guava leaf tea rinse for hair loss and hair growth


Word on the hair streets is guava leaves stop hair loss and make hair grow like crazy. Is this true and what’s the basis for this trend?  Well I got the tea ☕
Hair loss is most commonly a result of scalp conditions. So obviously to stop or limit hair loss you need to deal with your scalp issue right? So this is where guava leaves come in.

Guava leaves have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties that have made it a popular ingredient for maintaining scalp health. It is often used in hair rinses to treat scalp issues such as dandruff. It is also rich in B Vitamins and Vitamin C, which nourish the follicles and aid hair growth.

The restorative properties of guava leaves can be easily transferred to water when you boil the leaves.If you put the concoction in your hair often enough you will see a significant reduction in hair loss and an increase in growth

So how do you use these guava leaves you ask

Step 1: Get as many guava leaves(well as many as you can fit in a pot) as you can in 1 litre of water

Step 2: Boil them for about 20min

Step 3: Let the concoction cool and pour it into an applicator bottle or a jug

Step 4 : Shampoo hair ,pat your hair with a towel or t shirt.  Then apply concoction and massaging your scalp well

Step 5: Cover with shower cap and let sit for a couple of hours

Step 6: Rinse and condition as usual. 

Bonus: Spritz a bit of the concoction to your roots and massage every night before you go to bed to fast track process

The 30 Day Challenge

So i’m doing a 30 day Guava leaf challenge.  I want to test this theory and see if there is actually some truth to it. You can join me on this Manetain Guava leaf Challenge and here is what you will need to do

1. Sign up for  the 30 Day Guava leaf challenge

2. Join the conversation on the Facebook group 

Cheers to healthy hair, minimum hair loss and fast and furious hair growth. see you on the other side of the challenge


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