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Postpartum shedding


I love my little nugget. He reminds me of rainbows and sunshine. His smile is an instant pain relief. That being said let me tell you something about this evil called Postpartum Shedding….I didn’t know how traumatizing it is till it was happening. Basically post  partum shedding happens between 3-6 months after childbirth. it is characterised by a massive loss of hair sometimes in clumps. On average we lose about 100 hairs per day, but during pregnancy because of the increased oestrogen most of this hair stays put giving you thicker voluminous hair. After you give birth this honeymoon phase ends, the oestrogen level drops and all that hair that was meant to fall out starts to fall out at an increased rate.

I lost my hair mainly on my hairline. And when i say i lost hair i mean i lost all of it. My hairline was as hairless and soft as my baby’s bottom. This was traumatizing for me because when i was pregnant my hair was flourishing. I mean you could’ve called me the chocolate rapunzel. I am still recovering my hairline and it’s been a process but here are a few tips for the new mothers out there going through the same thing on what to do to deal with the shedding.

  1. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins. Besides them being good for baby since you’ll be breastfeeding they also assist in keeping your hair healthy  as when you were pregnant.
  2. Low manipulation. Keep your hair out of the way so that you don’t have to comb or manipulate it every day
  3. Switch to a simpler routine with simple natural products. You’ll need products that encourage hair growth and hair strength and the best products are natural oils and butters for example If you are using Shea butter for stretch marks just use that for your hair as well. It will keep your hair moisturised as well as aid in hair growth.
  4. Exercise. This is just not good for getting rid of the baby weight but exercising increases blood circulation which in turn aids in hair growth.
  5. If your hair is natural keep your hair detangled and stretched. This limits tangles and inevitably breakage.
  6. Keep hair moisturised. Chances are your hair is drier than usual. So you will need to go ballistic with moisturizer just to keep your hair happy.

Don’t worry too much though, you can recover your hair. It will just take time and patience. Be focused more on the little one because we all know time moves so fast and soon they will be in high school telling you how you embarrass them.


1 thought on “Postpartum shedding”

  1. I also struggled with this, still am. my edges became Bald Bald Bald. Thanks to Jamaican Black Castor Oil massages on my temples, I am well on my way to recovery.all the best getting them edges back on point!


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