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Things that need to stay in 2016 


If you are like me you are relieved that 2016 is over….it felt like 5 years!Yes  its February I know but January never really feels like the beginning of a new year. Half the time we don’t know what day it is and we still are writing 2016 on our dates 😩. Since its now February and we’ve all settled into the new year, I thought I would list a couple of things I would be so glad if they stayed in 2016.

1. Hair bashing

‘Why is your hair so unkept’

‘Why do you get relaxers? you must not love yourslef’

‘Arent you fed up of short hair,  grow it out’

Naturals to relaxers,  relaxers to naturals, big choppers to transitioners the list goes on. Can we get past the bashing phase please!  We were all given a magically thing in life and that is the gift of choice. Allow people to make their own life choice and if you don’t agree its ok to not have something mean to say about it.  If you see a post you don’t like on social media its ok to scroll on past it. You don’t honestly believe you can bash a person into making the choices you would make.  GIRL QUIT!

2. Miracle product search

Here is the truth and it is for free. There is no product out there (if there is please let me know) that will solve all your hair problems while you sit and do everything you can to ruin your hair.  I see the same problem with people wanting to lose weight, they want a pill that will just make all the weight disappear without putting in any work. Sometimes you just have to put in effort and a bit of hard work to get the results you want.  Yes there are amazing products out there but they also need your effort in order to work.

3. Comparing!

‘Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20’. Understand your hair and love it the way it is. Sometimes youtube videos and pictures on social media will have you stressed thinking you are not making progress. Its a lie! You just have a different story from them.  You also don’t get to see the behind the scenes. The struggles they have encountered and the time it has taken them.  So next time you feel like your hair is not as gorgeous or long as the next person stop yourself. You’re going to get there.

. Holding on.

Holding on to split ends for the sake of ‘length’. Holding on to a products that do nothing for your hair because ‘ that’s all I have ever used’. Holding onto a hairdresser who doesn’t care much about your hair but more for the money in your purse.  Holding onto protective styles that ‘look neat’ but ruin your hairline.

Its about time you let go of those things that are literally doing more damage to your hair than good. Its a new year try something new 😚


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