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OMG Avocado butter is bae

I do a lot  trial and error with my hair so when I find something that actually works my heart sings. I have been using avocado butter on my hairline for 3 months and I cant believe the results. If you follow my blog or any of my social media you will know I had a traumatic experience involving my hairline a couple of months ago 😥

At first I tried jamaican black castor oil, I massaged my hairline twice everyday  then it went down to once a day then it was once whenever I remembered it just wasnt working for me. Spending 5-10 minutes massaging my hairline was just depressing. I can be a bit lazy and I always want something quick and efficient.  So I decided to make use of the avocado butter that had been sitting in my cupboard for months. I made a concoction and well this waxy mixtures has been my saving grace. I literally apply it on my hairline on my way out to work everyday. It takes me all of 30sec to apply!  So this is what I have learnt from personal experience about avocado butter

1. It is heavy,  it is solid at room temperature but melts if you rub it against your figures.  It is almost like a wax.

2. It is very nourishing for dry hair just like avocado oil but even better.  I have very very dry hair so trust me when something nourishes my hair I go ballistic.

3. It promotes hair growth. My hairline was pretty much non existent 3 months ago but if you see it now YAAAAS!

4. It is a good sealant.  I have always been a huge fan of avocado oil as a sealant so its only natural that I fell in love with the butter as well. But be careful,  a little goes a long way. Since this butter is very heavy it can weigh your hair down if you use too much or if you have thin hair

5. Its great as an edge control.  Ofcourse it wont give you the most sleekest(is this even a word) edges but it does try.  Since its quite waxy it lays your edges down quite significantly.  And the fact that it is good for your hair is a bonus.  I would suggest putting just a little bit of this first on your hairline as a base before applying edge control

6. It penetrates the hair. It doesn not just sit on top. It actually gets deep into the hair shaft and works magic.

I would definitely recommend this butter to anyone with hairline issues or alopecia.  This butter has amazing healing qualities.


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