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Help: Why isnt my hair growing

5 tips on retaining length

You’ve been at the same length for 5 years. You wonder why can I never get past this stage? Why is my hair constantly breaking? Why wont my hair GROW ALREADY? Well you might be doing a couple of things wrong or not at all

1. Deep conditioning regularly.
Trust me this is the holy grail of hair care. Whenever you wash your hair deep condition!
2. Moisturize.
DRY HAIR BREAKS period. If your hair is constantly dry then you can forget about retaining length. Make sure you moisturize your hair every other day and with the right products.
3. Products.
As much as you cannot attribute long hair to one specified product, it is necessary to know what NOT to put in it. Harsh shampoos, VASELINE, petroleum based ‘hair food’ etc are a NO. You need to start being aware of the stuff you are putting in your hair. Start incorporating natural oils and butters in your hair care
4. Too much heat.
You blow dry and flat iron every other day and still wonder what am I doing wrong. PUT THOSE HEAT UTENSILS DOWN!
5. You pull your hair too tight. STOP THIS and tell your hairdresser to stop it as well. Treat your hair with love and tenderness and I promise you, you will notice the difference.


2 thoughts on “Help: Why isnt my hair growing”

    1. Harsh shampoos are usually those with Sodium Sulphate as a key ingredient. Just look at the ingredients at the back of your shampoo if there is any ingredient with the word sulphate. Your shampoo is harsh

      If you use your hair drier or flat iron everyday or even every week that’s too much heat. Try minimize this to just once or twice a month if possible


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