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Help: My hairline is a mess

I have realised that as women we have a constant battles with our hairlines aka edges.  Whether you are natural or relaxed at some point in time your edges have been strained.

Recently I suffered a major blow to my hair care journey.


A new hair stylist I tried literally killed my hairline. Its almost bald :'(. So in the next 3 months I will be on an major hairline recovery programme. In the meantime I have come up with a to do list to help those in the same boat as me.

Steps to recovering your hairline

1. STOP wearing tight hairstyles.

Sometimes we want neat and tight hairstyles that last but these come at a cost.  The tighter your hair is done the more likely it will strain your hairline.  So take out that tight hairstyle and let your hair breathe.  Stop picking at your hairline and just give it a break!

2. Keep your edges moisturised.

Start feeding your hairline healthy products.  Moisturizing your hair is good, because as we all know dry hair breaks but are you feeding your hair the right thing? Treat your hair as if it was a baby, for it to grow it needs the right nutrients. Petroleum jelly or petroleum based products are not good food! Raw butters eg shea butter, avocado butter, mango butter etc and oils such as olive oil,  avocado oil, coconut oil the list goes on are good for your hair. You don’t have to break the bank for these products,  just go to your nearest grocery shop go into the food isle and you should find one or more of these oils  Always look for a leave in or hair lotion that is water based.  And remember to always follow with your favorite hair oil whenever you moisturize

3. Massage your hairline

Massaging promotes blood flow to your head. Increased blood flow means your hair follicles are stimulated meaning growth. Apply your moisturizer and hairoil then massage your hairline at least twice a day

4. Step away form the chemical

Applying relaxer, texturizer or hair color on already damaged hair can make the situation even worse.  Give your hair time to recover before you start thinking of applying any kind of chemical. Chemicals weaken hair hense they will prohibit your progress.

5. Sleep in a silk/satin scarf

Cotton scarves create friction which can cause breakage. So always try and sleep with a silk/satin scarf or on silk/satin pillowcases. Dont sleep in a pony tail, bun or tight updo.

6. Minimise wearing head bands, scarves around your hairline.

They create unnecessary friction on your hairline

7. If you have braids try and redo the hairline every week or every 2 weeks so that you reduce the chances of your hair knotting.  Don’t keep your braids in too long and dont get them done too tight

Remember: Leave your edges alone + oil and massage every night


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