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Weave maintenance

A good weave is an investment. Quality hair is one of those things that you get what you pay for. In order to get the best out of your weave you need to know how to maintain it when it is on your head and when it is in storage. The higher the grade of hair the longer the hair will last with proper care. Non virgin, non remy, processed human hair are the lower grades and are likely to tangle and shed excessively if you use the wrong hair care products or you neglect the hair. Not to say your should not buy these but you should take extra care with the hair.

Lets get down to the maintenance part(this does not apply to synthetic hair)

1. Keep the hair clean by washing often, you can do this every fortnight or once a month

2. Wash the hair immediately after swimming, spa or excessive exercising. The dirt and sweat will accumulate and tangle the hair

3. Never go to sleep on wet hair. Make sure when you wash your hair it is completely dry before going to bed

4. Make sure to brush the hair daily starting from the ends working yourself to the roots

5. Make sure you wash with cool – warm water. Never wash your weave with hot water is this will led to softening of the weft

6. When washing never using circular motions. Always make sure all the hair is flowing down in the same directions

7. Use a good conditioner and keep it in your hair for 5- 10 minutes to deep condition the weave

8. Don’t use too much product on your weave. If you use a good sulphate free shampoo and a good conditioner there will be no need to use other products

9. For curly weaves, use a leave in conditioner and a curl activator so that the hair is soft and does not frizz.

10. Dont forget to take care for your hair underneath the weave. Always use an applicator bottle to apply shampoo and conditioner to your roots when you are washing your hair. Also dont forget to moisturise regularly. You may not be applying product on your weave but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturize your hair underneath.


Here is how to wash your hair separately before or after installation



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