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Winterize your hair regimen

Now that winter is in full gear on this part of the world we need to be weary of our hair. The weather conditions are different that means you also have to have a different hair routine, Take a look at a few things you can do to ‘winterize’ your hair routine.

1. Protective style. Keep your hair covered up as much as possible. Braids, twists, weaves etc.

2. Deep condition more. You need to be replacing moisture back into your hair and also adding protein to strengthen your hair against the cold. The best way to do this is through deep conditioning. Yes you can deep condition when you have a protective style.

3. Moisturize and seal more. This is very critical especially if your hair is not in a protective style. Make sure your hair is moisturised constantly.

4. Use heavier oils or butters to seal. When sealing start opting for heavier oils eg castor oil or butters like shea butter. These do a better job of sealing in moisture in harsh winter conditions.

5. Try and stay away from heat utensils. Your aim is to retain moisture not deplete it.

Dont forget to wrap your hair when you are going to bed!


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