Hair tutorials

Hot oil treatment

Step 1

Choose your preferred oils. You should have at least 2 oils.

Step 2

Put your oil in a glass bowl.

Put a pot of water on the stove and allow it to boil. After its started boiling remove it form the heat and place it on the side.

Place your glass bowl of oils in the pot of boiled water

Allow glass boil to sit for at least 5 min, you will notice that your oil will become runny after this process

Step 3

At this point your oils will be warm

Section you hair to make it easier to apply your oils

Apply your oils starting with the ends of your hair working yourself down to the roots

After applying your oils put place a shower cap over your head

If you have a dryer you can sit over it for 15min, if you don’t just go about your business allow oils to sit for at least 30min

Rinse out apply leave in and style as usual

This process can be done on dry hair before a wash or can be done after shampooing as a deep conditioning treatment.


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