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Moisturizing 101. How to choose a moisturizer

Dry hair breaks! So it is up to you to always make sure your hair is moisturized. The one thing you will hear more than anything in your hair journey is moisture. Almost everything you do in your hair journey will be to add retain or balance moisture. Black people naturally have porous hair, meaning our hair looses moisture quickly and it’s even worse when you are relaxed. The most effective way to restore moisture to hair is todeep condition but since it can’t be done everyday you need a good daily moisturizer to replace this process. Hence the great search for a good moisturizer!

1. A good moisturizer must have Water/H2O/Aqua as the main ingredient. You can also look out for products with glycerine. Glycerine is a humectant which means it is good at attracting and retaining moisture from the atmosphere.

2. Stay away from petroleum/petrolatum and mineral oils. These just sit on top of the hair and prevent moisture from penetrating

3. Look for moisturizers with natural oils ie castor oil, coconut oil etc or products with shea butter

Usually products that are meant for wet type hairstyles like S Curls are the best moisturizers as they container mainly water and glycerine eg Luster’s S Curl No drip moisturizer
Some leave in conditioners are very good daily moisturizers as well. A leave in conditioner is a conditioner you do not have to rinse out of your hair. A good leave in will have humectants that put moisture back into the hair. See the pics i have attached for some examples of some popular moisturizers.


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