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Beginners guide

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Not sure how to start your journey? Here are a few tips

1. Create a diary. You will need to keep a record of all the products you use and any new products you introduce to your routine. If you hair is not responding well to a product it will be easy for you to trace back to what it it. Getting to know your hair and what works for it can take time, be patient and document everything

2.Cut your split ends. Do not hold onto lifeless split ends just for the sake of ‘length’. Split ends can never repair and they just keep splitting. Cut your split ends and start on a clean slate.

3. Extend your relaxers. The more often you relax the more damage you are doing to your hair. Relaxing breaks down hair bonds and loosens the curl pattern of hair. Overprocessing weakens hair and hence limits hair growth. If you relax hair after every 6 weeks try going 8 weeks then try 10 weeks till you can go up to 16 weeks.

4.Ditch sulphate shampoos.Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a harsh grease cutting agent used in most soaps, shampoos and facial washes. Sulphates strip the hair of all its essential natural oils leaving it dry and brittle as a brush. Sulphates are known to damage the hair follicles and this of course leads to weak structure and diminished hair growth. Look for products that are sulphate free.

5.Ditch petroleum and mineral based hair food. I know traditionally speaking in my country, women love that jelly lol aka petroleum based products. Thats what we grew up using and you know how us black folk are with old traditions. Petroleum based products don’t let your hair breathe. They just sit on your hair preventing moisture from penetrating your hair. Next time you pick up a product make sure you read the ingredients, if it has petroleum in it PUT IT DOWN!

6.Ditch fine tooth combs. Wide tooth combs will be your best friend. Stop tugging you hair with fine tooth combs. Learn how you use brushes for fine hairs and sleek looks. If you have any fine tooth combs TRASH em’. Your hair will love this during detangling.

7. Deep condition every week. I cannot stress about deep conditioning enough. Deep conditioning just means you sit with your conditioner in your hair for +20min. You can sit under a steamer or dryer for added effects.

8.Ditch the heat.If you want to retain length and grow your hair use minimum heat appliances on your hair. If need be use your blow dryer on low heat or cold air. Always use a hair protectant for those times you need to straighten your hair. Heat removes moisture from hair leaving it dry and sometimes damaged. Learn to air dry your hair after washes.

9. Wear a satin/silk scarf or get satin/silk pillows. This reduces friction between your hair and your linen. Cotton linen tends to be rough and tugs on hair causing it to break.

10. Include oils into your routine. Coconut oils, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil. There are unlimited benefits of using oils for you hair.


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