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5 reasons your relaxed hair is damaged


1. Getting a retouch too soon. There is no reason to relax hair that has already been relaxed. Getting touch ups too soon increases chances of overlapping – this is when previously relaxed hair is retouched. Idealy you want to wait till your hair has about 2 inches growth to prevent this. Try waiting between 12-16 weeks to retouch your hair

2. Too much heat. Blow dryers, hair straighteners, tongs etc are nice, they make your hair straight and bouncy but they also strip your hair of moisture and even worse they burn your hair. Have you ever gone to your hair dressers and it literally feels like your hair’s on fire? Try opting for hair curlers, bendy rollers or even perm rods to get curls. And when you really do want to use heat always use a heat protectant

3. Adding permanent color. Your hair already has one chemical in it, it is not recommended that you use another esp if it colors your hair more than 3 times your hair color. If you do color you hair you will have to be on top of your hair routine making sure your hair is moisturised and giving it some much needed TLC

4. Not keeping you hair balanced. I discussed this topic before. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your hair protein/water balanced.

5.No knowledge on how to treat your hair and using a hair dresser who isn’t also knowledgable about how to take care of your hair. Its never too late to learn though. If you’re not sure of where to start keep reading this blog or you can simply google.


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