My relaxed hair care

Hello World! Welcome to my journey


March 15 2015 is the day I decided to embark on my first ever hair journey. So look, I’ve always had that type 4c course hard to deal with type hair so for me natural hair is just a no….so yes im relaxed. Shout out to all the natural sisters out there, kudos to you! I’m in love with that creamy crack and I have had my fair share or burns and let downs. So on this fateful day in March after I had my hair did I looked myself in the mirror and thought hey, my hair is really growing, and if i can do this with minimum care imagine what would happen if i was paying attention “light bulb moment” Alas my hair journey began. I have obviously set ‘hair goals’ for myself so i guess this is where I’ll track my progress YIPPIE. I’m about shoulder-armpit length with a whole lotta split ends 😦


Rebuild never ending love hate relationship with thy edges. As a black women im sure most of you can tsetify that there is a constat battle to grown, maintain and keep edges. Ive had my fair share or triumps and mishaps but this thime let hope thme edges stay on my damn head

Bald spot – i have always had this weird bold spot on the left corner of my head, and this bald spot seems to be spreading (i rebuke you bald spot) so im trying to also tackle that in my journey

Thin crown- i have long thick luxurious hair in the back and then in the front i have this limp, bone straight lifeless hair, so im trying to have uniform all around gorgeous hair

Mid back length- i have a deadline of March 2015


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